2013 CARO Resident Refresher

Dear Residents:

The 2013 CARO-COMP JSM Resident Refresher Course was held on Wednesday, September 18, 2013 in Montreal, Quebec. Many thanks to Dr. Shahida Ahmed for facilitating and organizing this year’s session.

During this session, attendees were given the opportunity to review the principles of management of common cancers including breast, lung, sarcomas and cancer of rectum and anal canal, with emphasis on radiation treatment planning and understanding the impact of advancement in imaging in radiation treatment planning.

PowerPoint presentations from the presentations are now available  – click on the corresponding link below.  Files are password-protected; access is limited to CARO members. For the password, check your e-mail address on file with CARO.

Rectal Cancer – Dr. Neil Kopek – McGill University
Anal Canal – Dr. Guila Delouya – CHUM-Hôpital Notre-Dame
Sarcoma – Dr. David Roberge – McGill University
Breast – Dr. Tarek Hijal – McGill University
Lung SBRT/SABR – Dr. Alexis Bujold- Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont
Treatment Planning – Dr. William Parker – Medical Physics, McGill University