CARO-COMP Trivia Night

Q: What is the best way to meet friends from across the country, earn bragging rights over your colleagues, support CROF and have a great time at the CARO-COMP meeting??

A: The 1st Annual CARO-COMP Trivia Night!!!

Organized by University of Toronto PGY-4 and veteran Quizmaster, Jonathan Klein, CARO-COMP Trivia Night promises an evening of fun & friendly competition!


Where and when is it happening?

Hilton Bonaventure hotel, Mansfield Room             

Thursday, September 19, 2013 @ 9pm

(immediately following the Welcome Reception)

Sont les questions disponsibles en Français?

Oui! C’est un événement bilingue!

What are the topics? Is it only about oncology?           

Topics are a surprise but Anything & Everything!

Science, sports, history, music, movies, you name it!

If it would be asked on Jeopardy, it’s fair game!

Who can attend?

Conference attendees, friends, well-wishers, anyone!

Maximum team size is 6 players.

Enter as a team or come solo and we’ll match you up!

Does it cost $$$ to play?

There is NO admission fee, but the event will benefit CROF.

Suggested donation is $5 per person.


How long will it last?

Estimated time is 1.5 hours

Can we drink & eat while we play?

YES!!! Participants are encouraged to bring and share

Will it be fun?