National Brachy-therapy Survey

Dear Colleagues,

We would kindly appreciate if you would complete the questionnaire regarding brachytherapy training and practice in Canada. Completing the questionnaire will take approximately 10-15 minutes of your time.

As many of you may be aware, the Specialty Committee in Radiation Oncology is in the process of submitting an application for a Royal College Brachytherapy Diploma Certification. For this reason, we are undertaking the present survey throughout Canada amongst program directors, residents, fellows and radiation oncologists to better understand the different stakeholders’perceptions about brachytherapy. This information is of utmost importance because it will contribute to the development of a certification process for brachytherapy.

Radiation Oncology Speciality Committee has endorsed this survey.

We would kindly ask you to complete the survey regardless whether you practice brachytherapy or not.

Link for Residents and Fellows:

Link for Radiation Oncology Staff and Program Directors

On behalf of Canadian Brachytherapy Group

Drs. Mira Keyes (Staff), Marc Gaudet (Felow)  and Jasbir Jaswal (PGY4)