Anatomy and Radiology Contouring Bootcamp

Dear Residents,

It is our pleasure to announce that registration is now open for the Anatomy and Radiology Contouring Bootcamp for Radiation Oncology Residents, to be held Nov 13-15 in London, Ontario. This course will provide integrated multidisciplinary teaching of anatomy, radiology, and contouring, with joint lectures and workshops run by radiologists, anatomists, surgeons, and radiation oncologists. As our specialty has moved to IMRT and IGRT, we now rely heavily on 3D anatomy and radiology knowledge for our treatment planning.

Please see the attached PDF for full details about the Bootcamp. Registration is limited to 30 participants to allow for hands-on, individualized teaching. Course fees are partially subsidized by an educational stipend from the Division of Radiation Oncology, Western University. Registration opened May 1 and we have already received more than 20 registrations.

Please forward this to the other residents at your centre in case we have missed them in this email. If you have any questions, email us at roan…(click to reveal)


David Palma, on behalf on the planning committee